Germany Plans to facilitate the purposeful migration of foreign skilled labours.

The ministry of labor in Germany plans to facilitate the purposeful migrant’s acceptance. According to the minister of labor of Germany, this country needs more refugees, and the government will update the migration law, which will be named “the modern migration law” this autumn. Germany wants to use the refugees to reduce the lack of skilled labor in the country.

According to the DW report, The German government wants to use an “opportunity/chance cart” with a transparent grading system to help those whom Germany needs to enter easily in this country.

According to the new plan, each year, the government will determine the number of people that can enter Germany for work or attend training.

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Requirements and expenses:

The details of expenses and requirements are not clear yet. According to the labor minister, migrants should pay their expenses during work or training. Anyone with a recognized document meeting the German criteria will meet the pre-requisite for this program.

Important conditions:

  • Professional or educational document
  • at least 3 years of work experience
  • Familiarity with German language or previous residency in Germany
  • Be 35 years old (maximum) or younger

Anyone who meets 3 out of 4 conditions stated above can get the (Chance/opportunity card of Germany).

How to apply?

For the moment, it is being discussed” how the application procedure and issuing these cards will be.”

According to an estimate by the german industry union, this country faces a lack of 250,000 skilled workers. Two of every five active units in the field of metals and electronics are facing disruption in production due to the lack of skilled labor.


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