About Our Company

Danish Gustar Educational Consultancy Services Company

Scholarships.af  is one of the initiatives of Scholarship for Afghanistan powered by Danish Gostar Educational Consultancy.

Our Vision

Scholarhips.af’s vision is to connect everyone to opportunities and leave no one behind access to quality education, decent jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our Mission

To bring a positive change in the lives of the people of Afghanistan we facilitate access to opportunities so that anyone can easily find and apply to the available opportunities.

Our story

Afghanistan is a developing country with few facilities for young people to find their required opportunities in an easy way. It was the most important problem for Afghan youth to be solved. And enable the youth people to find opportunities and explore their abilities.

This is why our team started to publish the available job and educational opportunities and create this platform on 1st March 2017.

Our website is launched in August 2017. We are publishing and working on Educational opportunities, training the youth people, providing online seminars, and make society aware of their rights and abilities.

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