Young Experts Program in Switzerland (Salary: 5,000 CHF)

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  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Nondegree
  • Eligible Region/Countries
  • Opportunity ID 12482
  • Duration 2 years

Opportunity Description

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Young Experts Program 2022 is now accepting applications. WIPO is pioneering a “Young Experts Program” (YEP) to train the next generation of global IP leaders to assist in the development of global innovation ecosystems.
Young and bright individuals will be trained over the course of two years to not only learn the technical aspects of intellectual property, but also to use them in practice in order to make an effect in their respective countries and areas. This is career boot camp as well as a graduate program for life. They are looking for enthusiastic and bright young people to join the inaugural Young Experts cohort, which will begin in early 2022.

Deadline: November 19, 2021
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

What are the benefits of Young Experts Program?
  • Monthly salary: 5000 Swiss francs (CHF).
  • Throughout the training, WIPO provides medical and accident insurance coverage.
  • There will be a contribution to travel expenses.
  • If necessary, WIPO may aid in acquiring a visa to enter Switzerland.
  • You will learn about intellectual property and WIPO’s role in promoting innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. WIPO Academy has a blended learning format that includes on-the-job learning as well as academic training opportunities.
  • Mentors will be assigned to you to assist you in honing your management and administrative abilities and advancing your career. From day one, you will be exposed to exciting and impactful initiatives that will push and grow you.
  • At WIPO, you will have numerous opportunity to network with top and senior officials. Following completion of your program, you will be a part of a lively network of future global IP leaders, contributing to the growth of the global IP ecosystem.
  • YEP professionals will work on important and impactful projects and assignments that address global issues such as climate change, as well as the use of intellectual property, innovation, and creativity to address these issues.
  • YEP selectees will be welcomed from all over the world and given the opportunity to learn from one another as well as work in an international organization with a staff made up of people from more than 120 nations. You will extend your horizons and enrich your professional viewpoint as a Young Expert.
  • Diplomacy and multilateralism will be seen up close by YEP trainees, who will learn how to bridge divides and work toward consensus.
Who is eligible for Young Experts Program?
  • Maximum age of 35 by the time of application Available for 24 months for the academic year 2022-2023 University degree
  • 2 years of related experience is required.
  • Analytical, research, and organizational abilities are required.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Outstanding written and spoken English
Additional Requirements:
  • Knowledge / experience in the areas of IP, innovation, or creativity
  • Knowledge of various United Nations languages
  • Letter of Motivation
How to apply for Young Experts Program in Switzerland?

If you’re eligible, you can apply by filling the application form

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