Call for Submissions: World Summit on The Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2023

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Opportunity Description

The World Summit on The Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2023 are now accepting nominations. The WSIS Prizes competition was created due to demands from WSIS stakeholders to provide a valuable method for assessing initiatives and activities that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enhance sustainable development. The WSIS Prizes competition has drawn more than 300,000 stakeholders since it began.

The WSIS Prizes are the one-of-a-kind global platform for identifying and showcasing success stories in the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines and SDGs in response to the recommendations of the United Nations General Assembly Overall Review on WSIS, which called for a close alignment between the WSIS Process and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At the WSIS Forum 2023 (13–17 March), awards will be given to the 72 Champions and 18 Winners. The WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2023 book will include the winning projects, and the WSIS Stocktaking Report 2023 will include details of all submitted projects and activities. They cordially encourage all interested parties to participate in the WSIS Prizes 2023 competition, which is structured into five parts described below.

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Important Details

Provided by: International Telecommunication Union
7 December 2022
Eligible Countries:

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  1. Phase of submission (7 September-7 December 2022): Projects connected to WSIS may be submitted to the WSIS Prize 2023 competition by all interested parties.
  2. Phase of Nomination (13-23 December 2022): Following the revision of submitted proposals, 360 projects will be nominated, with twenty (20) projects per Action Line Category.
  3. Phase of Voting (24 December 2022- 25 January 2023): Identifying the top five projects for each category based on public online voting.
  4. Phase of Selection (26 January- 10 February 2023): ITU Expert Group’s selection of successful projects will provide a list of winning projects.
  5. Phase of Prize Ceremony (14 March 2023): The public will be informed of the winners during the WSIS Prize 2023 Ceremony at the WSIS Forum 2023 (13–17 March), and the publication “WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2023,” which is a longer description of the rewarded projects, will be made available.

Criteria for Submission

  • All participants, including organizations representing governments, the commercial sector, international and regional institutions, civil society, and academia, are welcome to enter the competition.
  • It is encouraged for all WSIS stakeholders to propose ICT initiatives they feel should be acknowledged and promoted but do not necessarily have ownership.
  • Out of the available 18 categories, only one should be chosen for each project entry.
  • You can’t submit the same project more than once.
  • All information required in the questionnaire must be completed while carefully adhering to the submission template’s structure. Submissions that are not comprehensive won’t be accepted.
  • To show results and the influence on society, the economy, culture, and the environment, all ideas submitted to this competition should deal with work that has been finished or is nearing completion of a significant phase.
  • A minimum of 150 and 200 words must be used in the project’s short description, which will highlight essential facts for the public’s online vote. ICT components and effects should be highlighted in the project’s short description and formatted to represent relevant, understandable, and appealing information for voters.
  • In addition to a brief project description, the Submission Form will also ask for the following details in separate boxes:
  1. Give instances of how the project’s WSIS Action Line and each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it supports are connected.
  2. Describe the project’s qualitative and quantitative effects on the economy, society, culture, and environment.
  3. Draw attention to the project’s collaboration efforts.
  4. Describe the project’s main obstacles and potential outcomes.
  • The deadline for proposal submission must be carefully adhered to. No entries will be accepted beyond the deadline.
  • Only English should be used for project submissions.
  • Projects that have previously won WSIS Prizes are not eligible to enter this contest.

Criteria for Nomination

  • The contribution must adhere to the project submission guidelines. The needed material in the template should address every inquiry and include thorough information on the objectives, schedule, added value and significance of the project, outcomes, and difficulties.
  • It should emphasize how the initiative relates to the specific WSIS Action Line mentioned in the Geneva Plan of Action.
  • The project description should unambiguously show that:
  1. The effect and outcomes created.
  2. Empowering the community.
  3. Connection to SDGs.
  4. The model’s capacity for replication.
  5. Project sustainability.
  6. Creation of alliances.
  7. Spreading WSIS values throughout society.

Criteria for Voting

  • Based on the appraisal and voting of initiatives by WSIS stakeholders that represent the WSIS online network, the top five projects with the most votes are chosen. Stakeholders are encouraged to commend or select their favorite initiatives across all 18 categories.
  • Only WSIS Stocktaking Platform members who have registered and provided the necessary information may vote for or give a project their support. Information about the organization, including its name, nature, country, and user information, should be included (username and e-mail).
  • All registered stakeholders’ votes and endorsements are given equal weight.
  • Only one project from each category may get a vote or appreciation from each registered stakeholder.
  • Voting for one project in each category is suggested but not compulsory.

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To learn more about WSIS Prizes, please refer to ITU’s official website

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