The Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize 2024 (£3,000 cash grant)

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Opportunity Description

The Alpine Fellowship Foundation is a nonprofit organization that sponsors, commissions, and presents playwrights, scholars, artists, and authors. Through the awards, they assess thousands of submissions from competitors throughout the globe and provide financial assistance in the form of grants, mentorship, performances, and exhibitions of the work of young, gifted playwrights, scholars, artists, and authors. Additionally, they collaborate with other academic and cultural organizations to commission fresh artwork, advance interdisciplinary research, and advance the humanities.

The Alpine Fellowship Foundation presented the Theatre Prize! The award is given for creating the finest play by the Alpine Fellowship‘s 2024 subject of Language. The Theatre Prize winner will get money to help write their planned play, and the runners-up will receive funding to cover their travel costs to their symposium in 2024.

Brief Details

Note: Dates and location will be disclosed on the website of the Alpine Foundation.

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Prizes (Benefits):

The following will be awarded to the winners:

  • First place: £3,000
  • Second place: £1,000
  • Third place: £1,000
  • The Theatre Prize winner will get financial support to help write their suggested play.
  • In addition to receiving an invitation to their annual symposium, the winners and runners-up will also receive up to £500 in travel reimbursement.
  • During the symposium, lodging and meals are also covered.


Applicant considerations include the following:

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  • Candidates may apply from any location in the world.
  • At the time of entry, applicants must be eighteen years old or above.
  • English must be used for all entries.
  • Travel expenses are only redeemable for economy airfare and cannot be converted to cash. Any remaining travel funds cannot be used to purchase airfare.
  • Travel expenses are only to be applied to transportation costs; they are not to be applied to lodging costs for periods other than the symposium dates.

Documents Requirement:

The following must be submitted in order to apply:

  • A 500-word plot and character summary of the play you’ve proposed.
  • A 500-word justification of how your proposal addresses their theme.
  • A 250-word synopsis of your prior theatrical involvement.
  • A minimum of ten pages long sample of prior work. They just want to hear your voice, style, and tone, so this could be the play you’re proposing or something entirely different.

Information About Your Suggested Play:

  • The length of final plays cannot exceed forty-five minutes.
  • Final plays can have a maximum of three actors.
  • The winning proposal should be written between March and July, giving you enough time to finish and rewrite your play during that writing window.
  • Simplicity in staging is preferred as the winning play will be presented as a practice reading.
  • Plays do not have to be previously published, even if they have been read aloud or produced in a workshop.
  • Please make sure that your name does not appear anywhere on your submission materials as it will be judged anonymously.

How to Apply?

To apply, click the apply now button below, creat an account if you don’t have, and complete the form.

Apply Now

For more details about The Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize 2024, visit The Alpine Fellowship Foundation’s website.

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