Taipei International Design Award 2022 for Outstanding Designers

Opportunity Detail

  • Language Requirement Not required
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Eligible Region/Countries
  • Medium of Instruction EnglishChinese
  • Field of study Design for Adaptive city
  • Opportunity ID 36804

Opportunity Description

This is to let you know that applications for the Taipei International Design Award for Outstanding Designers 2022 are currently open. All relevant information on how to apply, eligibility, qualifications, deadlines, award amount, and more can be found here.

Designers from diverse professions and from all around the world are invited to apply. The Taipei Design Award is organized by the Taipei City Government in the spirit of “Design for Adaptive City” as an on-going gesture to the world, particularly to individuals with love for creativity and design, and to reflect the urban branding imagery of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei.”

Furthermore, this is an open call for outstanding international designs as part of an effort to turn Taipei into a convergence platform for creative techniques, to discover innovative designs with commercial potential, and encourage social design practices in the belief that design as a medium can make people’s lives better, more pleasant, and convenient.

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Last Date to Apply: July 15, 2022


There are three (3) competition categories in which entries can be submitted:

  1. Design for Industry: Design works for mass production, such as general and digital applications, transportation tools, equipment, and instruments, daily necessities and household items, IT and home appliances, and so on.
  2. Visual communication design: Digital graphic design, identity, posters, packaging, and printing designs.
  3. Designing Public Space: Public open space, government structures, and privately owned institutions that are partially open to the public.

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  • The total prize money for this year’s competition is NT 3.8 million, including NT 600,000 for the major prize, the Taipei City Mayor Award.
  • Winners will get a trophy and a certificate of recognition in addition to the cash reward; Sponsors Award of Distinction winners will receive a certificate of appreciation.


The total sum awarded is NT$3,800,000. Each category’s prize is stated below:

  • Mayor of Taipei Award (NTD600,000)
  • Golden Award (NTD500,000)
  • Silver Award (NTD200,000)
  • Bronze Award (NTD150,000)
  • Excellence Award in ICoD (NTD30,000)
  • IFI Special Award (NTD30,000)
  • WDO Award for Sustainability (NTD30,000)
  • Advanced Application Award (NTD150,000)
  • Award for Circular Design (NTD150,000)
  • Award for Social Innovation (NTD150,000)
  • Special Jury Recognition (NTD30,000)
  • Award for Popular Vote (NTD20,000)


  • Everyone from all around the world is invited to join either individually or in a group (each group is restricted to five members), with one member serving as the chief correspondent.
  • Entries must be participants’ unique inventions completed after April 15, 2020.

Assessment Criteria

  • Applicability: New materials are being used to minimize pollution and tackle everyday problems.
  • Functionality: Functions, materials, and techniques are used differently.
  • Creativity: Innovation and creativity.
  • Aesthetics: The aesthetic interpretation and visual appeal.


  • Registration must be completed entirely online. After completing the online registration, you will receive an automated email titled ‘Account Confirmed Notification.’ Before the registration deadline, contestants can log in and upload files, then sign the “Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer” to complete the registration process. The system will email the contestant’s email account with the subject line “Registration Confirmed Notification.”
  • To get event-related information from the event organizer, enter your email address accurately in the registration form.
  • Upload a description of the design concept (maximum 500 words in Chinese and 1,200 digital characters in English). English as the primary language, with other languages used as needed).
  • Upload the work’s title (English as the primary language, supported by other languages when necessary).

Register Now

To learn more, visit the Taipei Design Award official webpage.

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