Johns Hopkins University Free Online Course on Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS (Certificate Available)

Opportunity Detail

  • Language Requirement Not required
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Non-Degree /Short program
  • Eligible Region/Countries


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  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Opportunity ID 78608
  • Duration 46 hours

Opportunity Description

Do you want to develop front-end applications with more power, less code, and greater maintainability and testing? Then think about enrolling in this course to learn AngularJS, one of the most well-liked Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks available today. Google developed and supports AngularJS, making it an extremely marketable skill to learn.

The most recent version of AngularJS 1.x, along with its constituent parts and methods for organizing code, will all be covered in this course. By writing our own and reusing existing services through dependency injection, we will improve the functionality of our web application. We will build reusable HTML components that leverage AngularJS data binding and add directives, a very potent AngularJS feature, to extend HTML syntax. We’ll configure routing to support various views for our SPA. Additionally, unit testing our functionality will be taught to us. By the end of the course, you will have used AngularJS to create a fully functional, well-structured, and tested online application that you can launch to the cloud.

Brief Details:

  • Offered by: Johns Hopkins University
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Duration: 46 hours
  • Instructors: Yaakov Chaikin
  • Language of instruction: English (22 more languages are also available)
  • Type: Online Course
  • Gender: Any
  • Eligible Countries: International


There are 5 modules in this course:

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  • Introduction to AngularJS,
  • Filter, Digest Cycle, Controller Inheritance, and Custom Services,
  • Promises, Ajax, and Custom Directives,
  • Components, Events, Modules, and Routing
  • From Validation, Testing, and Restaurant Site development.


Skills You will gain:

  • Unit Testing
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Angularjs
  • Getting credible and certifications

Note: The cost of the Certificate is your responsibility, but the financial aid is available.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • It is necessary for candidates to have internet access.
  • They must be really motivated to learn about the Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS .
  • A free online course on Introduction to the Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS is available to everyone, everywhere in the globe.
  • Citizens of all countries are welcome to enroll; there are no restrictions.

How to Apply?

  • To register for the free online course in Introduction to the Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS, click the Apply Now link below.
  • Get a free certificate by submitting an application for financial aid ahead of time for the course.
  • Select “enroll for free” and sign in with your Gmail credentials.
  • You can also apply for financial aid provided you have the required information.
  • After receiving financial aid, you will be granted free access to the course and a shareable certificate.

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