Jungseok International Scholarship at Inha University 2023

Opportunity Detail

  • Language Requirement TOEFL
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Bachelor Master
  • Number of Opportunity: 25
  • Eligible Region/Countries
  • Medium of Instruction EnglishKorean
  • Opportunity ID 69707

Opportunity Description

Inha University is a private research institution in Incheon, South Korea. The institution was founded by South Korea’s first president, Syngman Rhee, and is well-known for research and instruction in engineering and physical sciences.

Jungseok International Scholarship is available to international students at the Inha University. Scholarships ranging from 100% to 30% are available to qualified students. International students can obtain additional assistance through several types of scholarship in addition to this particular award.

Brief Details

  • Provided by: Inha University
  • Host Country: South Korea
  • Deadline: Various
  • Duration: Masters: up to the fourth semester, Doctoral: up to the fourth semester, and Integrated: up to the eighth semester
  • Number of Opportunities: 25
  • Type: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Type: Full Entrance & Tuition fee waived
  • Eligible Nations: International


The scholarship is available for four types of students:

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  • Type A: Admission and tuition costs are paid in full.
  • Type B: 70% of the entrance and tuition fees.
  • Type C: Admission and tuition expenses are both 50% off.
  • Type D: 30% of the entrance and tuition fees.

Who is Type A, B, C, and D?

  •  Type A: A person who has qualified for 70% of Korean language scholarships and a person who satisfies English Language Eligibility one of two ways:
    • TOPIK level 3 or IBT TOEFL 71 (TOEIC 700, IELTS 5.5) or above.
  • A person who has qualified to earn 70% of English language scholarships and a person who satisfies Korean Language Eligibility of TOPIK level 3.
  • Type B: A person who has a TOPIK level 5-6 or an IBT TOEFL 92 (TOEIC 820, IELTS 7) or above.
  • Type C: A person who scores less than one of two TOPIK level 4 or IBT TOEFL 78 (TOEIC 740, IELTS 6) or higher.
  • Type D: A person who has a TOPIK level 3 or IBT TOEFL 71 (TOEIC 700, IELTS 5.5) or above.


Every semester, 25 students are chosen from among those who match the requirements listed below.

  • During the application process, new PhD candidates who are suggested by an adviser.
  • Integrated students in their fourth semester who have been nominated by an adviser during the application process.
  • New master students who are suggested by advisers and have fewer than three years of experience at Inha.
  • Incoming master’s students with an undergraduate degree from Inha University and a CGPA of 3.5 or above.
  • If there are more than 25 candidates, the graduate school chooses grantees based on the level of language certificate applicants supplied.
  • If applicants for the Global Vision Scholarship do not get a grant, they are immediately evaluated for the Jungseok International Scholarship.

How to Apply?

Print all of the following document and send them to below address:

  • Application Form.
  • CV (Includes your photo, and should be written in English)
  • 3 recent images: 3 cm width x 4 cm height (Length)
  • Official transcript of prior degree
  • Transcript in its entirety
  • Recommendation letter
  • Personal assertion.
  • Study strategy.
  • Balance sheet of a bank
  • Identification (copy of Passport and ID card)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Consent Letter (for degree verification)
  • Certificates of nationality for parents

Where to Submit: International Admissions Team(국제입학팀), Kim Hyun Tae Dream Center(김현태드림센터) Room 502.

For more details about Jungseok International Scholarship at Inha University, kindly refer to Inha University’s official website.

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