IACC Young Journalists Initiative 2024

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Opportunity Description

Young journalists from all over the world who are passionate about combating corruption and who want to investigate, report on, and speak out on social issues pertaining to transparency, integrity, and exposing corruption are being sought after by the 2024 IACC.

Young Journalists who have taken part in the program are invited to join Journalists for Transparency, a group of more than 100 journalists and storytellers who cover corruption and transparency issues worldwide. They also become a part of the YJ Alumni program. J4T can offer small-to-medium sized grants to YJ alumni so they can collaborate and look into particular corruption cases. The initiative aims to empower, encourage, and facilitate young journalists to refine their investigative skills so they can more effectively expose corruption and its detrimental effects on people’s lives.

Brief Details:


  • Understand the objectives of Holding Power to Account, their global strategy against corruption for 2021–2030, as well as the IACC 2024 program and Transparency International’s national and international operations.
  • Contribute to and advertise on the different IACC channels, such as Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Post content on the IACC blog.
  • Participate in the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative, FairPlay, and Films for Transparency, among other initiatives.
  • On June 18, the day before the conference, participate in a virtual prep and introductory meeting to meet fellow YJs and relevant Transparency International coordinating staff, and to talk about roles and responsibilities.
  • Together with the YJ editorial team, decide on relevant coverage.


  • For young or early-career digital, print, social, photo, or video journalists covering the IACC 2024, scholarships are available.
  • The IACC will pay for an economy ticket to Vilnius, Lithuania; five nights at the IACC Hotel, the conference location; and any associated visa processing fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must fulfill the following three requirements:

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  • You are a journalist with a strong track record covering social issues and expertise in one of the following fields:
    • Digital/print journalism
    • Broadcast journalism
    • Video making
    • Photojournalism
    • Social media (specifically TikTok and Reels)
  • You have a strong desire to combat corruption and are eager to find out more about the IACC, Transparency International, and the problems we tackle.
  • On June 21, 2024, you will be under 35 years old, and you speak English well.
  • Any J4T/IACC YJ Alumni are welcome to join the reporting team, regardless of age or location.

How to Apply?

To apply, click the apply now button below, upload your CV, and complete the form.

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