GDN Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) (Grant: US$125,000)

Opportunity Detail

  • Language Requirement Not required
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Non-Degree /Short program
  • Eligible Region/Countries

    low- and middle-income countries (Afghanistan included)

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  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Field of study Development
  • Opportunity ID 65036
  • Funding Type Partially Funded

Opportunity Description

The GDN Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) is now accepting applications for 2024. The award program solicits project applications from non-profit NGOs and CSOs that promote (in particular) enhanced service delivery and creative strategies that may be scaled up through a grant.

The Award targets initiatives currently being carried out. It has a significant chance of impacting marginalized and disadvantaged populations in developing nations, which the World Bank classifies as low—and medium-income nations.

Under the auspices of the Global Development Awards Competition (GDAC), which is overseen by GDN and funded by the Policy and Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD) trust fund, which the World Bank manages, is the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project. The Japanese Ministry of Finance supports this competitive grant program.

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Key Details

  • Provided by: Global Development Network (GDN)
  • Eligible Countries: Low- and middle-income countries (Afghanistan included)
  • Submission Deadline: May 24, 2024 (6:00 PM Indian Standard Time)
  • Eligibility Screening Results: June 3, 2024
  • Phase 1 – Desk review results: July 3, 2024
  • Phase 2 – Business review results: August 19, 2024
  • Phase 3 – Site visits to 2nd shortlisted applications: August 19 until September 18, 2024
  • Announcement of finalists: September 30, 2024
  • Announcement of winners: November 2024
  • 2024 Theme: Sustainable Climate Action for Human-Centered Development


Following are the grant details:

  • Grants totaling $125,000 will be given to the winning projects. Each of the two first-place winners will get a reward of $50,000. A gift of $25,000 will be given to the second-place winner.
  • A Technical Advisor will also be assigned to each awardee for the grant’s execution.


Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Geographical Scope: Applications are accepted from low-income or middle-income countries as classified by the World Bank.
  • Compliance: Projects must comply with the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs). See the Annex for the list of ineligible activities.
  • NGO Registration: Projects must be managed by a registered nonprofit, NGO, or CSO with headquarters in an eligible country.
  • Project Implementation: Projects must have started by June 1, 2023, or earlier. Applicants must demonstrate a track record of activities.
  • Ineligible Submissions: Submissions for recently started projects, project ideas, feasibility studies, baseline studies, or funding conferences will not be considered.
  • Recurrent Submissions: Previous applicants (except winners) may reapply, but applications must include new aspects of the project.
  • Previous Winners: Previous MIDP winners cannot apply.

How to Apply?

To apply for the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP), you should follow these rules:

  • All required documents must be submitted electronically via GDN’s online submission platform.
  • Submissions must be in English and exclusively through the online platform.
  • Only one application per organization is allowed.
  • CVs of project team members (not all staff) must accompany the application.
  • Personal information in applications and CVs must be accurate to avoid disqualification.
  • GDN considers geography, gender, and issue areas to increase diversity and representation in awarded projects.
  • Meet these prerequisites:
    • Obtain a registration document for your non-profit organization. If the document isn’t in English, provide a translation.
    • Secure a document proving your organization can legally receive foreign funds.
    • Upload the 2023 budget/financial report for project validation.
    • Provide evidence the project is still active.
    • Applications may be excluded if GDN/Reviewers’ requests are not promptly addressed.



Apply Now


Review Criteria

The following are the proposal review criteria:

  • Innovative Approaches
  • Clear Development Objective, Activities, and Measurable Results
  • Sustainable Social Impact
  • Expansion
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Thorough Risk Assessment
  • Efficient Management of Financial and Human Resources
  • Transparency and Accountability in Operations
  • Environmental and Social Framework Compliance

Selection Process

These are the highlighted selection process for the MIDP:

  • Initial Review: Up to 30 applications assessed by an independent external evaluator (MIDP Reviewer).
  • Phased Assessment:
    • Phase 1: Focus on innovative approaches, clear objectives, social impact, expansion, and cost efficiency. Shortlists 10 applications for Phase 2.
    • Phase 2: All criteria were assessed through interviews and additional information requests. Six applications were shortlisted for Phase 3.
    • Phase 3: All criteria are assessed through in-depth interviews, references, and possible site visits. Three finalists are selected.
  • Feedback: The MIDP Reviewer provides feedback to each applicant.
  • Final Selection: MIDP High-Level Jury reviews finalists after public presentations of projects.
    • The decision is final.
    • Jury considers substantive, operational merits and potential for expansion.


Please visit GDN’s official website for more information about the GDN Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP).



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