Earth Journalism Network (EJN) STOP Spillover Story Grants 2022

Opportunity Detail

  • Language Requirement Not required
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Non-Degree /Short program
  • Number of Opportunity: 7
  • Eligible Region/Countries
    Bangladesh, Cambodia, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Vietnam
  • Opportunity ID 43954

Opportunity Description

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) STOP Spillover Story Grants 2022 is now accepting applications. EJN is providing story grants to journalists in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Vietnam to cover viral zoonotic illnesses and measures to prevent them from spreading to people. To help journalists disseminate science-based information to the communities most vulnerable, EJN has joined STOP Spillover, a global consortium led by Tufts University & USAID that is working to understand and address the risks posed by known zoonotic viruses that have the potential to spread from animals and cause outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics in humans. As part of this project, EJN provides story grants to journalists to enhance public awareness and journalist ability on this topic. With one-on-one coaching, journalists will be better positioned to battle misinformation and generate high-quality reporting on zoonotic disease dangers and remedies to prevent future spillover incidents.

Organizer: Earth Journalism Network (EJN)
Application Deadline: August 2, 2022
Eligible Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Vietnam


More than 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted from animals to humans through direct contact, food, water, or the environment. According to one estimate, zoonotic pathogens account for 75% of new pathogens. COVID-19 demonstrates the severe worldwide repercussions of zoonotic illnesses, but even after more than two years, they do not yet know everything we need to know to prevent the next one.

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Public knowledge of the risks of zoonotic illnesses is low, and the pandemic response has been marked by a lack of data and widespread disinformation in many parts of the world. Governments, policymakers, and communities need trustworthy, evidence-based, and rigorous information to make educated decisions and advocate for change.

Story Themes:

They are interested in story ideas centered on the following zoonotic viruses:

  • Marburg
  • Ebola
  • Animal-origin coronaviruses (SARS-COV, SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV)
  • Animal-origin zoonotic influenza viruses
  • Nipah virus
  • Lassa virus


  • EJN anticipates awarding at least one grant to each target country, with an average grant amount of $1,200.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Freelance and staff reporters from worldwide, national, local, or community-based publications are eligible to apply, as are journalists working in any medium (online, print, television, radio).
  • Early-career journalists are encouraged to apply, although experienced reporters with a track record of reporting health and environmental concerns are also encouraged to apply.
  • Only journalists from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Vietnam may apply.
  • Journalist groups are eligible. The application, however, must be lodged in the name of a single lead applicant. Lead applicants are responsible for engaging with EJN and accepting funding on behalf of the organization if funds are awarded. They will accept applications in both English and French for this award opportunity. However, stories can be written in any language.

Story Logistics:

  • Safety: They encourage reporters to use COVID-19 recommended practices when reporting. Any COVID-related costs, such as tests or personal protective equipment, should be budgeted if necessary.
  • Language of publication: Stories can be written and published in any language. Applicants who intend to create or produce stories in their native language must offer an English translation. If necessary, please add the cost of translation to the budget.
  • Story budget: Using the template supplied below, all candidates must offer a complete budget with an explanation for the amount asked. They request that the budgets be appropriate and include reporting expenditures such as travel and lodging.

Required Documents:

  • Detailed budget in an Excel spreadsheet (Budget template)
  • Letter of support
  • 2 samples of stories or links to relevant work. (documents or web links)

How to apply for Earth Journalism Network (EJN) STOP Spillover Story Grants?

Interested and eligible journalists can apply through the link below, but first, you must log in or sign up to EJN’s website to access the application form.

Apply Now

If you have problems submitting application or have any queries about the grants, please contact [email protected]. Applications received after the deadline will be rejected. Please submit at least one day before the deadline to avoid any issues.

Judging Criteria:

When developing your story proposals, you should keep the following elements in mind.

  • Relevance: Does the proposal satisfy the call’s criteria and objectives? Is it apparent what the core idea, context, and overall value to the intended audience are? What is the significance of this story, and to whom does it matter?
  • Angle: If the narrative has already been told, does your suggestion add new information or take a different approach?
  • Impact: Is there a fascinating narrative or investigative element in the plan that will inform and engage, draw attention, spark debate, and spur action?
  • Innovative Storytelling: Using innovative methodologies, multimedia, and data visualization will be regarded favorably.
  • Plan for timely Publication: Reporters, whether freelance or employed by a media organization, must include in their submission a letter of support from an editor agreeing to publish the stories before November 30.

To learn more about Earth Journalism Network (EJN) STOP Spillover Story Grants, please visit EJN’s website.

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