Commonwealth Youth Climate Network YouthLeadSDG14 Action Challenge 2022

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Opportunity Description

The CYCN YouthLeadSDG14 Action Challenge 2022 is now accepting applications. The Commonwealth Secretary-General and the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) created a global competition to encourage, empower, and recognize young people taking action on ocean issues.

Three young activists will receive £1,000 each as part of the YouthLeadSDG14 Action Challenge, announced during COP27, for their work toward achieving the fourteenth UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG14).

SDG14 emphasizes the significance of sustaining and exploiting oceans, seas, and marine resources for the well-being of people, communities, countries, and the planet. Youth action is essential to preserving natural landscapes for future generations because of the grave threat posed by climate change, particularly in the Commonwealth, where 49 of the 56 member nations have coasts.

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  • Each of the three selected winners will get £1,000.


  • Ages 18 to 30 are required.
  • To be admitted, applicants must be citizens of Commonwealth nations.

Categories & Guidelines:

Under this theme, the following activities are included and should be used:

  1. Producing artwork about the pollution caused by marine plastic.
  2. Cleaning up beaches and posting pictures of the process.
  3. Documenting the preservation and repair of coral reefs on camera.
  4. Photographing joint conservation efforts and mangrove sustainability.
  5. Letter-writing to your government expressing the necessity of marine protected areas
  6. Make a leaflet to spread the word about the effects of ocean acidification.
  7. Make a film that explains what a sustainable blue economy entails to your nation.
  8. Give examples of how you used science and research to promote ecologically friendly aquaculture practices.
  9. Formulating a project proposal for an activity that would address SDG 14 and would involve ocean surveillance, sustainable aquaculture, a sustainable economy, and the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems.
  10. Telling a story through a film that demonstrates how young people in your community are pursuing SDG 14 or a similar goal.
  11. Paint a picture depicting what SDG 14 means to you and how it may be used to assist future generations adapt to climate change.
  12. Creating a brochure that contains the recipe for a cuisine dish made from an invasive species.
  13. Establishing a YouTube channel to promote SDG 14 and the climate action your government and communities are taking.
  14. Posting a short video on social media with the hashtag #YouthLeadSDG14 that highlights your commitment to SDG14 and your climate action in support of the marine environment

Application Procedure

  • Participate in the Action Challenge here
  • Use images or videos that are no longer than 10 minutes to demonstrate their efforts about one or more of the 14 criteria.
  • Use the Action Challenge report submission form contained under the apply now button below to submit a report.
    Use the hashtags #YouthLeadSDG14 and #BlueCharter to share the information online, along with the handles @CYCNOfficial and @ComsecYouth.
  • View the instructions for recording and submitting material here

Apply Now

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For more information about CYCN YouthLeadSDG14 Action Challenge, please refer to CYCN’s website.

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