Aurora Tech Award for Female IT Founders

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Opportunity Description

The Aurora Tech Award, an inDrive project, is an annual prize for female IT start-up founders. Female founders or co-founders who established a company within the last five years and whose projects and works have had the most profound impact on world development can apply for this Award. If you are a female entrepreneur and have a project that has improved many people’s lives, take your time applying for this golden opportunity.

The main goal of the Aurora Tech Award is to support women in advanced technology, specifically female entrepreneurs. The Aurora Tech Award aims to change the situation positively for women in IT.  

Despite many challenges and obstacles, women IT entrepreneurs are creating unique research voice control and developing artificial intelligence for crew-less transportation. Women are systematically developing effective businesses and conquering the global market.

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  • Application Deadline: 02 December 2022 (23:59 UTC + 3, Nicosia, Cyprus)
  • Shortlist Publication: 28 February 2023
  • Winner Announcement: 08 March 2023
  • Project By: inDrive
  • Organizer: Suol Innovations Ltd.
  • Location: Cyprus
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Funding Type: Partially-funded
  • Number of Positions: 3
  • Degree: None
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Language Required: English
  • Field: Information Technology


Three final entrants of the Aurora Tech Award will receive the following cash prizes:

  • First Prize: $30,000
  • Second Prize: $20,000
  • Third Prize: $10,000

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should meet the following eligibility criteria:

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  • Must be founders and shareholders of companies registered as legal entities no more then five years ago.
  • Company’s products must be based on information technology
  • Must not be an employee of the Organizer or a relative of the members of the Organizing Committee or the Jury
  • Must not be public officials or employees of privately organized companies or publicly owned 
  • Applicant and the legal entity of an applicant must not be on any sanctions list and other watchlist approved by international organizations, separate countries, and unions of States

Award Stages

The Aurora Tech Award has three stages as follows: 

  • Stage 01 (03 October–02 December 2022): Application Period
  • Stage 02 (03 December 2022–28 February 2023): Determination of nominees eligible for the Prize and shortlist publication.
  • Stage 03 (01 – 08 March 2023): Jury members vote, announce laureates, and publish the results.

Nomination Presentation 

The nomination presentation includes the following:

  • The candidate’s main achievements: A short biography to explain any challenges the candidate faced while working on their start-up. And how her professional characteristics and attributes helped her overcome these obstacles.
  • The start-up’s successes: A detailed description of the company, its achievements, and how the start-up contributes to making the world a better place.
  • The reason for the nomination: Complete details of how the Aurora Tech Award will affect the life of the candidate, the company, or a particular community.

How to Apply?

The Aurora Tech Award team will receive an English application via the online application portal by clicking Apply Now button.

The application must contain information and contact details of the applicant. Also, it must include a presentation in a PDF file explaining the critical achievements of the applicant, the challenges that she had to face while working on the start-up, the professional qualities by which she could overcome the challenges, the successes that the start-up has achieved and how the start-up challenges injustice.

Apply Now
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For further details, please visit the Aurora Tech Award Website or the Terms and Conditions of the Award

For any questions about the conditions and holding of the Award, email [email protected]

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