A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards 2022 for Scholars

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  • Medium of Instruction English
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Opportunity Description

The Academics Network of the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) is dedicated to encouraging transnational research, or collaborative study between scholars that have a positive influence on mankind beyond national borders. Star Scholars Network is offering four types of awards for eligible candidates. And the nominations for the Global Connections Awards 2022 are being accepted by Noam Chomsky. The Global Connections Awards honor “Star Researchers” for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to worldwide research that best exemplifies scholarship and/or collaboration among scholars worldwide.

Important Details

Offered by: Star Scholars Network
Award Cycle Open: 8 July 2022
Deadline: 31 October 2022
Type: Awards
Open to: International Applicants
Location: India
City: Sonipat, Haryana

Award Categories

Star Scholars Network will deliver awards in four categories in December 2022:

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  1. North Star Medal for Lifetime Achievement: This is the Star Scholars Network’s greatest award for exceptional performance and success in worldwide research. The medal is awarded to a senior scholar whose lifelong service, leadership, and accomplishments serve as a “North Star” for scholarly activity and research cooperation. Shining Star Research Award. Each year, the STAR Scholars Network celebrates two (2) exemplary works in translingual and/or transnational research.
  2. Shining Star Research Award: This award acknowledges renowned scholars from any subject and language. Podcasts, TEDx lectures, films, short videos (for example, YouTube), publicly accessible SoundCloud files, academic journal articles, books, book chapters, and other kinds of scholarly journals are all acceptable. Scholarships may be included.
  3. Rising Star Emerging Scholar Award: The STAR Academics Network awards two (2) rising scholars each year who have demonstrated considerable talent and dedication to international research. An award will recognize an emerging scholar (post-terminal degree completion) in any field who has distinguished himself/herself as an emerging leader in international research. The other award will recognize a current graduate student who has demonstrated significant promise with respect to advancing international research through publications, leadership or other relevant contributions.
  4. Star Humanitarian Award: A new award, established in 2021, rewards human achievements in promoting academic equality and/or balance. Applicants may be organizations (for example, higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations) that have had a significant global equitable effect and/or a humanitarian whose work is vital to equality, international contact, and/or scholarship. The Star Scholars Network will recognize an organization or people who is both human and progressive. The work of the recipient must have the potential for global reach and influence (that is, it must aim for equality and collaboration).

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Eligibility Requirements for the North Star Medal of Lifetime Achievement:

  • Candidates must demonstrate a history of academic leadership that spans at least 15 years as evidence of their teaching, research, service and mentorship.
  • Candidates must have a strong track record of publications demonstrating a long-standing dedication to establishing international research collaborations among scholars worldwide.
  • Candidates must have a track record of scholarship that has had a demonstrable influence on making the world a more humane world.

Eligibility requirements for the Shining Star Achievement in Research Award:

  • The scholarly work should have been “published” and/or made available after July in the year prior to accreditation. (Note: For the 2022 cycle, only publications or scholarly contributions from July 2021 or later will be considered).
  • The award recognizes the creators, primary author(s), editor(s) and/or respective primary contributors.
  • Any academic work that is not in English should be accompanied with an audio or printed translation in English to ensure that committee members can participate in the award selection process and are experts in the language of submission if needed.

 Eligibility Requirements for Rising Star Emerging Scholar Certificate:

  • Non-student applicants must have achieved their terminal degree within the last five years.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated scholarly promise and commitment to international research, as evidenced by their teaching, research, service and/or mentorship.

Eligibility requirements for the STAR Humanitarian Award in Global Health:

  • The applicant’s work must have an international impact.
  • The work must have the potential to benefit humanity in many regions of the world.


  • All award recipients must be Star Scholars Network members until the awards are awarded at the 2022 Annual Convention.
  • Enrollment is open to students from any subject and in any language. Audio nominations in non-written languages can be submitted via WhatsApp at 443.422.5923 and/or email. Email: [[email protected]] with a translation into English.
  • Please keep in mind that self-nominations will not be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

Each year, the STAR Scholars Network chooses an Awards Selection Committee to supervise award categories, nomination procedures, submission standards, and award selection. The awards will be presented at the 2022 Annual Conference, which will be held on December 7-8, 2022.
Dr. Anita Pandey, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Professional Communication, and P-12 Teacher Education at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, chairs the 2022 Awards Committee. All submissions will be carefully reviewed by committee members.  Additional volunteers could be selected, based on their expertise and the focus and language of the submissions received.

Special Considerations

  • Nominations for the North Star Medal of Lifetime Achievement must contain a statement outlining the nominee’s career and contributions to international research.
  • Nominations for the Shining Star Achievement in Research must include a PDF or picture of the recognized international research achievement.
  • Nominations for the Star Humanitarian Award must include a statement (under 250 words) explaining the candidate’s contribution to eradicating COVID-19 on a global or regional scale.

Application Procedure

Members of the Star Scholars Network and others are encouraged to submit e-nominations in any language. Fill out the online application on the Star Scholars Network website or send an email to Dr. Anita Pandey, at [email protected]. Chair of the Awards Committee, labeled “Nominations for the Star Award.” Only complete applications will be considered.
Your submission must include the award (which of the four prizes listed above your nomination should be considered for) as well as the name or title of the candidate, work, or organization you are proposing. Next, explain why you’re nominating. Include your credentials or a bio, as well as URLs or attachments to the (audio)visual file or publication for which you are nominating. Please keep in mind that self-nominations will not be accepted.

Apply Now

If you have any questions about the 2022 awards, please contact Dr. Anita Pandey at [email protected].

Technical inquiries regarding the submission system should be sent to [email protected].

For more detailed information, visit the Star Scholars Network’s Official Website.

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