full instruction about Australia’s 3000 Humanitarian visa for Afghanistan

Opportunity Detail

  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Level Non Degree
  • Number of Opportunity: 3000
  • Eligible Region/Countries
  • Opportunity ID 3000

Opportunity Description

Australian government offered 3000+  humanitarian visa for Afghans who wish to seek Australia’s help and if  their lives are in danger.

Additionally there are many other visa which afghan applicants can apply like skill visa , partner visa for those who wish to migrate on the basis of their skills or family relationships in Australia .

  1. Refugee visa are for those who have ID card of UNHCR or have been referred by UNHCR and be living in 3rd country like Pakistan , iran ….

Details of Refugee visa :

With this visa you can :

  • You can stay in Australia permanently
  • You can work
  • You can study
  • You can invite your family to life in Australia

Cost :

  • Completely free ( not cost ) , no visa application fee

Eligibilities :

  • Living outside of Australia
  • Should live out of their home country
  • Resettlement
  • Applicant should meet character requirement
    • Should not have criminal record and not be member of terrorist group …
  • Applicant should meet health requirement

Types :

How to Apply :

If you are eligible for this visa you can download this form  and fill it , then post it to immigration office out side of Australia

This application will take time around many months, or even years to evaluate and result become out.

2.      Humanitarian visa

This visa is for minorities such as women, girls, children and the Hazara nation  who face The discrimination and violation of your human rights in Afghanistan .

Who can apply :

  • Who face discrimination
  • Have proposer
    • You must have a proposer who is Australian citizen , permanent resident or an organization in side Australia .
  • Be living outside Australia
  • Meet health requirement
  • Meet character requirement

How to Apply :

You can apply to this visa by this link  and make sure you have to fill the below forms and sign it by you and your sponsor and attach other documents

Required documents :

  • Identity document ( passport , Tazkira)
  • Relationship documents ( marriage certificate )
  • Photograph of each applicants
  • Application form