Tajikistan Offers 50 Scholarships for Afghan Students

Ambassador Zaher Aghbar, Afghanistan’s envoy in Dushanbe, has announced that Tajikistan is offering 50 educational scholarships to Afghan students in Tajikistan.

In a recent social media post (Saturday, June 15), Aghbar mentioned that the Afghan Embassy in Dushanbe will conduct tests to identify deserving candidates for these scholarships.

Aghbar also highlighted that additional preference will be given to female applicants.

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He urged interested students to submit their necessary documents to the Education Attaché at the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan by July 25.

However, Aghbar did not specify the academic levels or the universities where these scholarships will be applied.

He stated, “At a time when the doors of education are still closed to our girls and the quality of education is at its lowest, these scholarships provide a glimmer of hope for presenting a new generation of specialists to serve society.”

For more details and application guidelines, please visit the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan or contact the Education Attaché directly.


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