Math and Hope: Online Education Programs for Afghan Women

When the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 2021, concerns arose for the educational prospects of girls and women across the world. Therefore, Angelo Mingarelli, a math professor at Carleton University, is collaborating with a Canadian organization to offer his calculus course online to Afghan women interested in engineering careers. This initiative is part of efforts by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) to provide remote learning opportunities.

CW4WAfghan aims to support Afghan girls and women, both local and as refugees, in accessing education. Murwarid Ziayee, the organization’s senior director, highlights the challenges faced by women under Taliban rule and stresses the importance of gender-equitable education.

The organization provides virtual tools such as the Knowledge Tree Classroom and collaborated with Global Affairs Canada on programs like Gender Equality in Teacher Training (GETT), which trains Afghan educators in trauma-informed teaching methods.

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Other organizations, like My TOEFL House in Pakistan, provide educational opportunities to Afghan refugees, addressing basic needs and offering hope for the future.

Global Affairs Canada supports the expansion of CW4WAfghan’s online school, which will benefit 1,000 girls from grades 7 to 12. In collaboration with Arizona State University, CW4WAfghan also offers free English-language courses.

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Mingarelli anticipates starting with 50 to 100 students in his calculus class and hopes to expand further. He emphasizes the importance of interaction and aims to provide recognized credentials for successful students despite logistical challenges.

Mingarelli hopes to inspire Afghan women to pursue opportunities beyond their current circumstances and advocates for scholarships to support their education, potentially in Canada.

Summarized from: Government of Canada Website

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