To the Attention of Turkiye Scholarship Holder Students

Due to the latest situation in Afghanistan, flights and other official procedures are suspended, and they will not be fulfilled. If you are a Turkish scholarship holder, read the following paragraphs carefully.

  • Current Turkiye Scholarships Holder Students

Turkiye scholarships holder who was awarded a scholarship before 2021 and currently lives in Afghanistan requested to wait until the start of their universities they are registered to. Moreover, if they could not come to Turkiye despite the beginning of their education, they are requested to apply to their universities and freeze their course registration. When their course registration is frozen, you must inform YTB about freezing through Turkiye Burslari Bilgi Sistemi (TBBS).

Note 1: the frozen period will not be counted on the scholarship period.

  • Students who were awarded the scholarship in 2021

Turkiye Scholarship Holder who are awarded the scholarship in 2021 cannot be transferred to Turkey currently because of the suspension of international flights and certain problems. If any opportunity emerges in the coming weeks, the successful students will be brought to Turkiye with their flight tickets covered by Turkiye Scholarship. If such an opportunity is not available, then an online or onsite Turkish Language education program will be planned. And the rights of those students who cannot come to Turkiye or cannot start their Turkish Language education will be reserved for one year.

Note 2: Those students who come to Turkiye with their own means, their transportation expenses, will be compensated within the framework of the previously determined standards. Their scholarship will begin following their arrival and registration in universities.

Students can contact YTB directly via the Call Center and [email protected]

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