Iran Attracting 320,000 International Students Over the Next 5 Years

The head of the Student Affairs Organization in Tehran announced plans to attract 320,000 international students over the next five years. Hashem Dadashpour, speaking at the second national Suraya Festival at Shahid Beheshti University, stated that more than 200 universities in the country have obtained permission to attract international students. The goal is to reach 320,000 international students by 1407 (Iranian calendar). Dadashpour emphasized the need for national-level executive requirements and policy-making to achieve this goal, highlighting the importance of overcoming cognitive, legal, and institutional obstacles.

He stressed the importance of developing a strategic plan to create international attractiveness for Iran, particularly in the context of scientific authority and attracting international students. Dadashpour noted that most universities lack a strategic plan for attracting international students, hindering clear progress in this area.

Dadashpour pointed out that the focus on attracting students from only two countries, with 90% coming from Afghanistan and Iraq, illustrates the need to broaden engagement with a wider range of countries. He emphasized the importance of accepting cultural and social differences in universities and creating capacities to attract international students.

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Regarding language, Dadashpour highlighted the importance of the Persian language alongside English as a communication tool with international students. He emphasized the need for universities to utilize their resources and collaborate with ambassadors and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen economic, political, and cultural relations with other countries.

Dadashpour emphasized the role of Iranian medical universities in attracting international students and the need for flexibility in the educational system to align with international standards. He underscored the importance of accelerating the attraction of international students to enhance the international prestige of Iranian universities.

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Looking ahead, Dadashpour emphasized the need to maximize attraction efforts to counteract efforts aimed at preventing Iran from achieving scientific authority. He expressed confidence that in the next five years, Iran can reach its goal of hosting 320,000 international students, further solidifying its scientific authority and enhancing its position in the Islamic world.

The second national Suraya Festival addressed key challenges in attracting non-Iranian students to universities, showcasing successful strategies and initiatives. The festival also aimed to promote discourse, introduce the capacities of higher education in Iran, balance student migration, and expand networks for attracting international students.

Source: IRNA

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