Germany Plans to Establish Online University for Afghans

In a significant initiative, Germany aims to create an online university to provide higher education opportunities for many Afghans who have been deprived of such opportunities in their home country. Afghan students often face challenges as refugees in neighboring countries or are unable to pursue higher education.

The primary focus of this online university is predominantly on Afghan female students who have been deprived of any form of higher education. Another targeted group includes thousands of individuals living in refugee camps around Afghanistan.

One of the key objectives of this university is to offer academic programs, especially those prohibited in Afghanistan, such as humanities or economics. Kambeer Ghawami, the Head of the Global University Service, informed German media that the budget commission of the country’s parliament has approved funding for this online university.

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This initiative aligns with Germany’s commitment to supporting education and empowering Afghan scholars who face barriers to pursuing higher education in their homeland. The online university will play a vital role in providing accessible and inclusive educational opportunities, bridging gaps for those who have been marginalized in the pursuit of knowledge.

Germany is a country that provide many opportunities for Afghans to get higher education. Previously, Germany offered 5000 Scholarships for Female Afghan Students in universities outside Afghanistan. Furthermore, DAAD Scholarships are among the prestigious scholarships offered to students from different countries, including Afghanistan, that have not stopped after the fall of the government of Afghanistan in 2021.
Launching this university would break education barriers and provide many Afghans access to higher education and a brighter future.

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