Open Doors Olympiad First stage Result published

The first stage result is out for the Russian Open Doors Olympiad Scholarship for the academic year of 2024/2025. The application for this scholarship opened in September and ended on 10th December. This Scholarship has two phases of selection. The result of the first phase was announced yesterday, 22nd December. A total number of 9631 applicants were admitted to the second stage. You will find the link to the names of selected applicants below to see if you are on the list of people chosen for the second stage.

We congratulate all the applicants who have passed the first round of the Open Doors Olympiad.

You can check out all the people’s names who have been invited to the second round by profiles as follows:

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  • Business and Management: 836 people
  • Biology and Biotechnology: 856 people
  • Engineering and Technology: 906 people
  • Clinical medicine and Public health: 1319 people
  • Computer and Data Science: 927 People
  • Linguistic and Modern Languages: 329 people
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences for sustainability: 1074 people
  • Education and Psychology: 534 people
  • Politics and International Studies: 511 people
  • Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence: 541 people
  • Urbanism and Civil Engineering: 311 people
  • Physical Sciences and Technology: 425 people
  • Chemistry and Material Science: 425 people
  • Economics and Econometrics: 583 People

How to check your result?

You can find the list of selected applicants here in a compressed folder. There are several files named based on the study areas as above. Unzip/extract the files and open them, and check/search your name if you are there. Alternatively, you can check your email or your application on the Olympiad portal that you registered and check your status.

What to do next?

Selected applicants should register for the second stage by January 7, 2024. Registration will open soon.

 Successful applicants get an invitation to participate in the Olympiad itself. The second round will occur from January 9 to January 18, 2024.

You can check all the details and deadlines for the Open Doors Russian Scholarship on Open Doors Russian Scholarship (Master’s & PhD Scholarships) page.

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