Registration for The Ministry of Public Health’s Specialty Completion Exam!

In accordance with the National Examination Authority (NEXA), It is brought to the attention of all qualified doctors that they can register for the Ministry of Public Health’s specialization exam via the link below until December 21th, 2023 (30 Qaws, 1402).

Tips for Registration:

  • All doctors who have successfully passed the exit exam can register online.
  • Doctors who graduated prior to the exit exam process can register online using the announced ID number. If they submit a physical form to the Ministry of Public Health in 1402.
  • Doctors who graduated before the exit exam process and did not register in person in 1402, can download the registration form from the link below. And submit it to the relevant authority after going through the procedures.
  • Doctors who were introduced to specialty replenishment packages in 1402 are not eligible to take this year’s specialty replenishment exam.
  • Candidates who were introduced to the specialized recruitment packages in 1402. And did not report for duty at the specified time, and want to re-register for the exam should obtain a misassociate letter from the department of specialized recruitment. And submit it to the National Examinations Office before the registration deadline.
  • The doctors of the civil sectors can’t registered for the military packages. Additionally, the doctors of the military sectors are can’t registered for the civil packages.
  • Every civil sectors doctor can choose 3 packages in one discipline.
  • The code of property packages is available in the link below. The doctors of the military departments can get the code of the military from their respective hospitals.
  • Each doctor can register only once.

Note: The entrance fee for the exam is 500 Afghani. You can pay it on the day of biometrics.

Apply Online

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