Russian company Implements the Project “Speak Russian to the Maximum Level”.

Maximum Obrazvani, a Russian company, is implementing their project, which seeks to teach you Russian from beginner to advanced levels. This program seeks to educate those living outside of Russia as well as immigrants residing within Russia who want to study Russian from elementary to advanced levels, as well as those who need to prepare to pass the unified national examination for getting admission to Russian governmental universities.

For those who have mastered the Russian language at an advanced level, a program to get acquainted with Russian culture is offered. The courses are free and taught in six different programs for 144 hours from September to December 2023.

The selection of the program is done after registration and passing the test to determine the level of mastery in the Russian language.

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Programs will be taught in the format of online classes with the teacher in a group and independently in an interactive platform. Every week, three lessons of one and a half hours will be taught. If you pass the program successfully, you will be given a certificate.

Applications could be submitted on the following website until September 10, 2023.

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Additional information about this project is available on this website, as well as the chance to apply to join this program.

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