Three Female Afghan Students Arrive in Dubai

Three female Afghan students who are supported by an Arabic businessment, have arrived in Dubai. according to a Report by Etilaat Roz, Khalaf bin Ahmed Al-Habtoor, a prominent Emirati businessman, has revealed that among the 100 female students he had facilitated for education at the University of Dubai, three have now arrived in Dubai.

today 24th August, he posted on his social media, announcing that he had met and acquainted himself with these three young women in Dubai.

Khalaf bin Ahmed Al-Habtoor also wrote, “I have welcomed them [the female students] to the safest country in the world. As I have said before, I am fully responsible for their comfort and safety.”

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He emphasized that he will cover the costs of their education, accommodation, and other services, including transportation and medical insurance.

The Arab businessman expressed hope to soon see other young women, who were prevented by the Taliban from traveling during their recent restrictions at Kabul Airport, in Dubai.

Yesterday, Khalaf bin Ahmed Al-Habtoor expressed his disappointment on the X platform, regarding the Taliban’s decision to prevent the travel of 100 female students to Dubai. He said that no words could describe his disappointment.

“It is a profound tragedy, a blow against the principles of humanity, education, equality, and justice. I urge all parties involved to act swiftly and work towards the rescue and support of these dedicated students,” he wrote.

This comes as the Taliban, since regaining control of Afghanistan, have imposed severe travel restrictions on women and do not permit them to travel without a male guardian.

Over the past two years, this group has repeatedly prevented women, including female students, from departing Kabul Airport.


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