Human Rights Watch asked Australia to Prioritize Humanitarian Visas for Afghans

Afghanistan International, 18 August 2023

The director of the Australian Human Rights Watch has emphasized that this country’s government should prioritize providing humanitarian visas to Afghans. Daniela Gavshon said that red tape should be reduced if the goal is to save vulnerable people.

In an article by him published on the human rights website on Thursday, 17 August (26 Asad), it is stated: In the last two years, Afghanistan has plunged into one of the worst human crises, and two-thirds of its population is starving and at least three million children are suffering from acute malnutrition.

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According to him, Afghanistan also has one of the highest infant mortality rates worldwide, and thousands of women die due to pregnancy-related causes.

Daniela Gavshon reminded that the Taliban has restricted women’s and girls’ rights since returning to power. He explained that active media in Afghanistan also face widespread censorship, and an increasing number of journalists and critics are imprisoned.

Daniela Gavshon has emphasized to the Australian government that the more difficult the situation, the more flexibility is needed. He called for facilitation in the process of accepting Afghans and stressed that security checks are a necessary part of accepting refugees, but unnecessary terms and steps should mean reducing administrative obstacles.

In 2021, Australia allocated 26,500 humanitarian visas for Afghan refugees for five years, but according to Daniela Gaushon, the number of applications has already reached 40,000.

The director of Australian Human Rights Watch said that this country should be ready to increase the allocation of humanitarian visas to Afghans.

Daniela Gavshon says if the Australian government is willing to help Afghans, they may seek a solution and act quickly in providing humanitarian visas.

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