Taliban and its effect on Education in Afghanistan

The Taliban group captured the capital of Afghanistan in 15 August 2021, as result all public and private offices, organizations, academic and nonacademic organizations have been closed.

No one was allowed to go to school or universities till 6th of September. Recently, the Taliban group announced the new rules for all academic organization and educational institutes and universities.

Rules for schools and educational institutes and universities are as bellow:

  1. Everyone should wear proper Hijab
  2. There should be the separate entry gates for males and females.
  3. Those coeducational classes with less than 15 females should separate their classes with proper curtain.
  4. Females should leave the class 5 minute before their Males’ classmates.

Some pictures which shared in Social media.

May be an image of 9 people, people standing, people sitting and headscarf
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