Send money free to Afghansitan

Money gram is an American money transferring company founded in 1940 which is located in the USA and has regional offices all over the world with 2269 employees.

Revenue in 2019: 900 Million Dollars.

Good news for Afghanistan!

Once again, Money gram started its activities in Afghanistan and this company has announce a good offer for those who want to send money in Afghanistan from all over the world with zero fees.

So, now you can send money to your beloveds in Afghanistan via MoneyGram with no fees.

You can do it online by your credit card, debit card but don’t forget just credit card will charge you a little around 1to 2$ transferring fee, but debit card is completely free and has no charging fee.

How to do it?

  1. Open or its mobile app
  2. Register or login
  3. Select receiver  or insert details of the one who you want to send money to
  4. Chose how to pay ( debit card , credit card )
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