How Can We Study to Ensure We Don’t Forget?

The methods that we will tell you here are among the secrets of the success of the students that have been collected here, which will help you not to forget the things you study and improve the quality of your study.

  • Provide an overall assessment of the contents:

When you want to read a new article, do not involve yourself directly in that article. First, take a general look at the article to understand the topic or look at the photos, captions and summaries of the text that are available.

If you want to read a book, first look at the list and introduction of the book. These backgrounds will help you a lot to understand.

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  • Slow down your reading and read the following passages numerous times:

Slowing down your reading pace when reading complicated and challenging stuff will help you learn more effectively. A good student and a poor student vary in that if a poor student does not comprehend a material, he or she will quit reading it and go on to other things. but when a good student faces a difficult topic, she or he repeats it so much and asks others to learn well.

  • Write down the important points of the lesson on a separate sheet:

Taking notes on essential and challenging stuff might help you grasp it better. Also doing it; it makes your work simpler on exam night.

  • How to be Attentive while Studying?

There are a lot of thoughts that come to our mind while reading to disturb us. In this case, we cannot study with full efficiency. In order to study properly, you must have a proper rest before that and observe the following tips to increase efficiency.

1:-First, spend some time writing down disturbing thoughts and thinking about them. The reason that many of these thoughts come to mind while reading is that you have not had the opportunity to think about them and these thoughts remain unclassified and irregular in your mind. Think about them once and for all and leave them aside.

2:-Have a regular study schedule and do not constantly change your study schedule.

3:-One of the very useful things to increase concentration is to write while reading, that is, while you are reading a topic, write down important words and parts that you feel you need to remember.

4:-This writing does not need to be neat and orderly or like a summary; Simply writing increases your concentration by engaging a part of the right hemisphere of the brain

5:-As you know, each part of the human brain is specialized for performing a specific activity, for example, a part related to hearing, a part related to vision; The part related to touch and… in terms of area, the part of the brain that is related to hearing is larger than the other parts. Hence, to increase concentration, act like this.

6:-Close your eyes and just listen; Try to recognize 3 different sounds around you. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes. There is nothing wrong, be patient and by doing this, the static electricity in the auditory nerves will be discharged and when you open your eyes and continue reading, You will notice that your concentration has increased several times. If your distraction level is high, it is okay to do this several times while studying, that is, do this exercise as soon as you feel distracted. “This exercise is used a lot in yoga.”

7:-If you do not concentrate while reading a certain lesson, try to study that lesson every day in short periods of 30 to 45 minutes.

8:-Do not watch TV while studying or during breaks between two periods of study.

9:-Choose a pencil, an apple or any other object and stare at it, try to focus your mind on it, your mind will run away like a fleeing animal and after a few seconds you will realize that your mind is not focused. . Try to focus your mind on that object again. Do this exercise every day for 2 to 5 minutes. Be sure that after a while your mind will be less jumpy.

10:-Concentrate: it is a simple but very effective method. When you are distracted and your mind is wandering, constantly remind yourself to “collect your attention”. At first, you may do this hundreds of times a week, but you can be sure that in the coming days, your power of concentration will increase.

11:-Do not study in bed. In other words, study in a place other than your resting place.

12:-Do not eat heavy and bulky food.

13:-Study in an environment with enough light and fresh air.

14:-After every 45 minutes of studying, get up and take some rest.

15:-Start your daily reading from the topics you are least interested in.

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