How to Write an Effective Academic Paper?

Academic papers are formal research papers that an academic writer publishes in a scholarly journal. Before writing a paper, you need to carry out thorough research. The research will help you to provide accurate and proper information to the reader and avoids existing any plagiarism in the paper. 

Planning your academic paper will help you keep track of all the points you want to cover. Students must follow many rules, guidelines, and styles for an academic essay. 

Mainly an academic paper consists of four main sections: 

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  1. Introduction: A clear and concise introduction helps you write a persuasive paper. An academic paper introduction must introduce the paper’s topic, state the purpose of the research, and provide a brief overview of the methodology used to answer the research questions. 
  2. Literature Review: The literature review must provide a comprehensive overview of the relevant research on the paper’s topic. This section should also identify gaps in knowledge that you want to fill with this research study. 
  3. Research Methodology: The research methodology explains what methods and techniques you will use, the number of participants and subjects used for the research, and finally, defining the data collection instruments such as surveys and interviews. 
  4. Results: In this section, you can explain the achievements of your study. The result might include the number and percentage of people who completed the survey. 

Here, we share some valuable tips for writing an influential academic paper. The content includes choosing a topic, researching it well, and using the proper style and format: 

AWrite a strong introduction and conclusion

The introduction should capture the readers’ attention and make them continue reading the rest of the paper. The introduction must have a strong thesis statement relevant to the topic and should answer the following three essential questions:

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  • What is the problem to be solved through the research?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is your solution to the problem?

A conclusion paragraph must summarize the critical and main points of the paper. In this paragraph, leave the reader with something notable to take away from your argument.   

BWrite an elegant thesis statement

The thesis statement is the last sentence of your introduction and the backbone of your academic paper, which summarizes everything you argue in your essay in a single sentence. The thesis conveys your position and the essence of your argument or idea.

So, your paper thesis statement must be concise and straightforward and should contain the followings:

  • A strong topic sentence explaining one idea or argument
  • The writer’s clear view of the argument
  • An explanation of how the writer will prove this point of view

C.   Pick and proofread citations appropriately 

Citations are an essential part of academic writing that provides information about where a writer found information for their research or argument. The writer uses them to give credit where credit is due. It can be in the reference section, the body of the essay, or sometimes, at the conclusion.

D.  Tips for writing an excellent literature review 

A literature review critically assesses what has been published on the subject/topic. The literature review summarizes the research and organizes the current knowledge state on a topic. To write an excellent literature review, follow these tips:

  • Find relevant studies by using keywords. You can search for relevant studies using Google Scholar or similar databases to search for a literature review.
  • If you use someone else’s ideas, cite them in your work as your source.
  • Include all appropriate recourse in your work when writing a literature review. Use as many relevant sources as possible so that readers understand where the field stands.

E.   Finally, follow the guidelines

An academic paper is usually the final product of a research project and includes all information gathered during the research process. To this, follow these guidelines for writing an excellent academic paper:

  • Write concisely and clearly
  • Use a language which is appropriate for your audience
  • Use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for your paper

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