RSF creates advising center for Afghan Journalists at risk

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will establish an advising center for journalists from Afghanistan.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Germany announced on 17 October that Germany’s new program is to bring 1000 Afghans at risk to Germany.

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The registration for this program will be done by organizations verified and approved by German authorities. Many people not aware of the program might be affected by misinformation and breach/submit their data to Fake organizations or organizations that might put them more at risk.

To help Afghan journalists be safe, RSF has organized a consultancy center for Afghan journalists.

According to Sicht TV report, “RSF (Reporters Without Borders) is going to build a new advising center to give journalists access to the right information.” Katia Heinemann, head of emergency aid for Reporters Without Borders in Germany said.

Meanwhile, In the past two days, rumors have been circulating on social media networks that one of the organizations called “IOMA” has requested documents from Afghan journalists to get them admitted to Germany.

But Mrs. Heinemann says that the German programs for the vulnerability of Afghans have not yet started and they ask the journalists to be attentive and not to become the prey of fake organizations and institutions.

She adds that the journalists’ information is protected in this organization, and no other institution can use it.

Read more about Germany program HERE and about other programs below:

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