Canada Atlantic Immigration Program for Skilled Workers

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is an immigration pathway for skilled foreign workers and international graduates. International skilled workers who want to work and live in one of four Atlantic provinces of Canada can apply for this program for permanent residence.  

Applicants must receive a job offer from a designated employer to participate in this program and can apply from inside and outside Canada. This program helps employers in Atlantic Canada hire qualified employees for open jobs. 


Registration Deadline: N/A

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Organization: Government of Canada

Location: Canada

Target Group: Skilled Refugees   

Gender: Male/Female

Funding Type: Self-funded 

Degree Required: Post-secondary

Processing Time: 12 months   

Application Fee: 1,365 CAD

Number of Positions: N/A  

Eligible Countries: All 

Duration: Permanent 

Language Required: English

Fields: Immigration   


Skilled refugees and international graduates from inside or outside Canada can benefit from this pathway to living and working in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. 

Eligibility Requirements

To submit a successful application, applicants need to meet eligibility criteria as follows: 

  • Have worked for 1,560 hours during the last five years unless they are graduated from a recognized international post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada. 
  • Meet educational requirements and pass the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). The ECA report must be less than five years old: 
  • If applying for NOC 0 or A skill type or level, the applicant should hold a Canadian one-year post-secondary educational certificate or higher or the equivalent outside Canada.
  • If applying for NOC B or C skill type or level, the applicant should hold a Canadian high school certificate or the equivalent outside Canada.
  • Must pass Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) test or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) in a designated language testing organization with minimum 5 bands for NOC 0, A, and B and 4 bands for NOC C. 
  • Applicants should have enough money to support themselves and their families in Canada. Read the details of how much money you need when you arrive in Canada here.

Program Procedure 

The program procedure is as follows:

1. Get ready to apply and read all instructions and eligibility criteria 

2. Seek job opportunities with designated employers in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Check the local websites:

3. Gather all the following documents for the permanent residence application early: 

  • Language test proof
    • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
    • Proof of funds
    • Other required documents 
    • Get a settlement plan to help you and your family adjust to your new home in Atlantic Canada

4. Apply for permanent residence: To apply for permanent residence, applicants must follow these steps: 

  • Read the instructions about eligibility, fees, and how to apply.  
    • Download the checklists and forms linked in step two of Apply for permanent residence page
    • Complete application forms by following the guidelines in step three of Apply for permanent residence page

5. Read and apply for a temporary work permit (optional)

6. Wait for the result and follow the advice. For details, read the After-Submission section in this post 

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their application forms and all required supporting documents via email. To prepare the documents and forms, an applicant should note these instructions:

  • Documents Format: All forms and documents must be in PDF format and photos in JPEG format with less than 5 MB. Do not compress large files; in place, use the instruction to reduce the size of the files 
    • Make sure you validated IMM 0008, a barcode form, and submit all the pages with the forms
    • Click on the “Validate” option at the top or bottom of the form. Validate the form to answer all the questions. Validation of the form will help applicants to avoid delays in processing applications.
    • Print using white, high-quality, non-glossy paper and laser printer, sign and date the forms
    • Attach the IMM 0008 form with the barcode page(s) on the top of your application package. 

After Submission

After applicants submit their applications and all required supporting documents, the assigned team will:

  • Review their application
  • Process their application
  • Decide on applications
  • Verify applicants’ information in case of refusal or inadmissibility, etc. 

Applicants must follow these instructions after submission:

  • Keep their information up to date
  • Get their fingerprints and photo taken
  • Get their medical exam and submit it 

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In Case of Application Approval

If the review team approves the applicant’s application, the applicant will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). OR they receive a permanent resident visa if s/he is from a country that requires a permit. 

If the applicant resides in Canada, they will receive a call for further instruction. If the applicant is outside Canada, they should use ArriveCan to provide the mandatory travel information required for entry into Canada and follow the instructions. In this case, the applicant must have a valid passport and travel documents, a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), or a permanent resident visa. 

 For more detailed information and details, please visit the website.

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