Notice for Prospective Kankor Applicants!!!

In accordance with the National Examination Authority (NEXA):

  • Those who took the Kankor exam in 1401 and got their cards and the name of the school and the year of graduation are invalid on their card, or their photo has been changed; this card includes biometrics and exam. Later, the identity rectification form will be published on the National Examination Authority (NEXA) page.
  • The candidates mentioned above should fill the form online and do not contact the National Examinations Office regarding this issue.
  • Those applicants in Kabul and provinces whose cards have not been printed due to the lack of termination forms, should grant their termination to the National Examinations Authority, and their exams will be organized in Kabul.
  • Prospective Kankor applicants who are a participant in the public test but their cards haven’t been printed yet, should send their completed report to the National Examination Authority’s WhatsApp number

WhatsApp number: 0748408421