Highest number of the US Student visa (82,000) issued to Indian Students in 2022

The US Mission in India has proudly announced that they have issued 82,000 student visas in the year 2022 to date.

Patricia A. Lacina, the Charge d’affairs at the US embassy in India, says: “This shows that the U.S. remains the most sought-after country for higher education.”

Why Indian Students choose the USA to study?

According to the Indian times, there are several reasons Indian students choose to study in the USA universities:

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  • High-ranking institutions: According to the World Reputation index, 7/10 of top universities are the highest ranking for studies and curriculum. The country has been in the high ranking consistently for several years and complies with the highest education standards and provides an open and liberal learning environment. So students choose the US first to study.
  • Opportunities for Career and Growth: the US is one of the largest economies in the world that hosts big companies and provides the best career and growth opportunities.
  • Support for international students: The US universities provide good onboarding services, and there are organizations that help students with counseling, aid, loan, and employment and address student’s queries and problems. Hence the student feels secure in a foreign country.
  • Cultural Pluralism environment: the country support cultural pluralism and students are open to diverse viewpoints and cultures and they can interact with peers and teachers from diverse background and culture, resulting in promoting tolerance among students, which is an important aspect of learning and providing the opportunity to learn from a different culture.
  • Success of previous Indian students: the Indian students’ role models who are now CEOs of Top companies in the world such as Google, Twitter, FedEx, Chanel, VMware, Deloitte, Microsoft, adobe inspire students and encourage them more to grab the growth opportunities in the US.

Following the Indian success in studying in the US and other countries, The Fulbright in Pakistan also announced that 189 Pakistani students got Fulbright Scholarships to study at 47 universities in the United States of America, which is the highest number in the history of Pakistan that this large number of students get Fulbright scholarship.

While Fulbright is still not accepting new students from Afghanistan, Afghan students can follow other scholarship opportunities available HERE and on o4af.com.

Some US Scholarships/Opportunities:

  1. https://o4af.com/opportunity/adb-scholarship-at-university-of-hawaii-in-manoa/
  2. Knight Hennessy Scholarships at Stanford University
  3. Getty fellowship at Historical arts

If you have TOEFL/IELTS score above 80 and want to study at a US university, Scholarship for Afghanistan can help you with the process. We provide free services for 10 first and eligible students. If you are interested and have requirement and economic affordability, sends us:

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  • Percentage of your school/university studies
  • field of study you want to study
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