The 5th Global Confrenece on the Elimination of Child Labour in South Africa -Watch Live Now

Today 15th May, The 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child labour kicked off. Around 4000 people from the UN agencies, government representatives and Civil society organizations have come together to discuss the pathways to eliminate the Child labour in the world by 2025.

You can Join #RaiseYourHandForKids challenge on social media to have your say at the conference and join the ILO to end child labour .

There are 164 million child labours in the world and over 1 million child labour in Afghanistan. the war, insecurity and poverty have increased this number. Furthermore, the current political status of the countr and limiting laws for women has made worse.

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You can watch this conference live now here.

For more details about this conference, you can visit the official website: