Canada New immigration plan Welcomes 1,329,700 permanent residents.

Canada government has announced its new immigration plan for 2022-2024 to fill labour market shortages and grow its economy that will welcome over one million new permanent residents in period of 3 years.

Canada regaind many of the jobs lost during the pandemic but there reamin 960,000 unfilled positions across all sectors. In addition, by 2030, five million candians will retire and the worker to retire ratio will drop down to 3:1. To fulfill the country’s economic needs and consider the role of immigrants in economic and social growth, Canada have announced its new plan.
Canada is a country prosperity, diversity and welcoming to those in need. The government believes that immigrants and newcommers enrich and better Canada communities because they work to create jobs, and support local businesses. They have also been front line working during pandemic. In short, immigrants are part of Canada’s continued success.

The Canada minister of Imigration, refugees and citizenship- Sean Fraser has announced the Canada immigration plan for 2022-24 which is an ambitious and responsible path for immigration.

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Canada has welcommed over 405000 new permanent residents- the most immigrants with a single year history in Canada.

Canada contnues to welcome new immigrants at a rate of about 1% of the country’s population that includes the following number of new permanent residents:

  • 431,645 permanent residents in 2022
  • 447,055 permanent residents in 2023
  • 451,000 permanent residents in 2024

According to the new plan, the attraction and retention of newcomers in regions with acurte economic, labour and demographic challenges will be increased. For example the French-speaking newcomers will be integrated Quebec and outside of theQuebec.

Importnat highlights of 2022-24 plan:

  • 1.14% of Canadian population will be the percentage of newly admitted newcomers by 2024.
  • The admission of economic class will be increased to 60% in long-term.
  • Helping vulnerable population such as immigrants/newcomers who work in the front line in pandemic by granting them permanent residency.
  • Hummantarian immigration support to provide a safe place for those in persecution.
  • Retention of talents who are already in Canada by granting them permanent residency.

According to this plan, the standard time for processing family reunification for spouses and children is 13 month.

Canada once again confirms its commitment to humanitarian response to global crises including the plan of resettlement of at least 40,000 Afghan nationals over the next two years. From which 7,550 Afghan have arrived in Canada. the government use all the ways and avenues to secruly evacuate those in aFghanistan.

For more detailed information please visit the Canada Government website:

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