UK New Scheme to resettle 20,000 Afghans

The United Kingdom has announced a new scheme to resettle 20,000 Afghans fleeing their country in the UK. The UK Justice minister Victoria Atkins said to the BBC that the UK Parliament has officially announced the acceptance of 20000 Afghan refugees in a 5-year period. According to him, 5000+ people who left after Talblan took the power in Afghanistan would be taken in this scheme during the first year.

According to Ms Atkins, those who had already been evacuated to the united kingdom- including journalists and women’s rights activists will be the first people who will be helped. around 15 thousand Afghans are evacuated to the UK. and 7 thousand are joined through the ARAP program.

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This scheme will involve the following categories of people:

  • First: Those who are already evacuated to UK and includes the Women’s rights activists, journalists, and attorneys and member of AFghans who are citizens of UK.
  • Second: Those who are out of Afghanistan and are introduced by UNHCR.
  • Third: Those who have supported the UK and International Organizations in Afghanistan and individuals who are particularly in risk such as minorities , girls and women. In the first year of this third referral pathway, the government will honour our commitments and offer ACRS places to the most at risk British Council and GardaWorld contractors, and Chevening alumni. The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office will be in touch with those eligible to support them through the next steps of this process

The UK has doubled the aid for Afghanistan to 286 million pounds. The government has warmly welcomed 15000 Afghans evacuated to the UK, 350 councils and local agencies and charities and volunteers have worked to support them.

Source: BBC and the Government of UK.

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